Prof. Kofi Boamah

Prof. Kofi Boamah

PHD: Director, Accounting and Financial Management (Public Sector)

Proven performance in academic leadership through exceptional leadership skills, coaching, consultancy and running workshops for Government Ministries & Departments and private sector institutions. Ability to mobilize grant funding for faculty activities. Demonstratable competence of more than 20 years in academic management and leadership, with primary research, teaching and learning interest and mentoring colleagues.

His secondary research and teaching interests are in financial management, accounting, auditing, internal auditing, corporate governance, risks & ethics, SOEs coaching, advisory and development, open innovation, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship.

He is a multi-talented individual and have accomplished a lot in his professional and personal life with over 36 years of excellent work experience within education, public and private sector organisations ranging from teaching, research, community activities, administration, consultancy, accounting, finance and auditing. He has a successfully demonstrated track record in fast-paced environments demanding strong organisational, technical, and interpersonal skills.

Having worked across four countries in the African continent, the testaments mostly cherished by his employers wherever he has worked include trustworthiness, good work ethics, good leadership and a team player. His strength is in enthusiasm and strategic commitment to excellent institutional development, which his peers and subordinates have cherished. Diplomacy, problem-solving, detail-oriented, resourceful in completing tasks, maintaining strict but excellent interaction with individuals at all levels, and efficient customer service are his added advantages.