Subsidiaries of Multination Corporations

No matter what size the organization, more and more businesses are looking across borders to expand their prospects. Doing business in Ghana can be difficult for foreign subsidiaries or for companies led by foreign managers. The way of doing business in the home country is different from the Ghanaian way, and success in Ghana often requires the assistance of professionals who understand both cultures and can work to bridge them.

At JS Morlu, we serve both Ghanaian and foreign companies. Plus, our parent company is located in the US States As a result, we have a good understanding of western culture and of how western businesses operate. So we excel in helping them succeed here in Ghana.

As a global firm, we have expert knowledge of various accounting and auditing standards, including IFRS (which is used globally) and US GAAP. We also have solid understanding of various tax regimes. So we can coordinate action by parent companies and subsidiaries to minimize taxes and maximize profits on both sides of the Atlantic.

Whether your international company is establishing or expanding operations in Ghana, your domestic company is opening an overseas subsidiary, or just want ongoing reviews and oversight of your operations, our international accounting and tax professionals will help you establish a solid foundation for global growth in Ghana.