Government must invest more in sustainable agriculture and climate change adaptability

Government must invest more in sustainable agriculture and climate change adaptability – The B-BOVID model

The Founder & Multiple award-winning Issa Ouedraogo of B-BOVID Farms is asking government to invest more in sustainable agriculture and climate change adaptability which will help drive increased productivity, enhanced resilience and reduced emissions across our country.

He explained that climate-smart agriculture is an integrated approach to managing landscapes, cropland, livestock, forests and fisheries that address the interlinked challenges of food security and climate change disputes.

“Our success in the application of social and scientific innovation to agribusiness is ample evidence that with strategic thinking, commitment and long-term investment, Ghana can reap the benefits of sustainable agriculture sooner rather than later.

“The growing country population and changing diets are driving up the high demand for food and different taste and flavors of course; that is why I have introduced the alternative farmer’s day on the farm initiative, which will be celebrated every year on our farms to inspire tomorrow’s leaders visiting my Farms and also show them the bounties of nature that is protected and nurtured lovingly, to both young and the old he added.

The Social Entrepreneur made these remarks in an interview with this reporter on Ghana’s Agricultural Sector and how a concerted, systematic, national action must be adopted to stop negative human activities that destroy our country and the fact that human survival could be at risk.

He mentioned that as part of the strategy to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship among its network of small holder farmers, B-BOVID has set up an Alternative Livelihood Center that provides opportunities in fish farming, animal husbandry, beekeeping and organic farming to create hundreds of jobs, ensure additional incomes for farmers and address the problem of malnutrition across the region.

The Center also supports the farmers with seedlings, new varieties of seeds, and a shopping center where farm implements are subsidized for its farmers.

The company also maintains a modern, state-of-the-art Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Center that helps the farmers to acquire relevant research information through mobile phone technology.

The company practices a socially inclusive model of agriculture that incorporates agro forestry techniques, mechanization, alternative livelihood enhancement, eco-diversity, ecological tourism, research and marketing, rain harvesting technology that enables farming throughout the year to ensure food security, coupled with an intensive program for youth training and empowerment as its core mandate” he said. According to him, his indigenous Ghanaian agribusiness company has actively pursued and modeled its business operations on climate change adaptation, agro forestry and biodiversity for over 18 years with incredible results.

B-BOVID has become a renowned center of excellence and innovation in agribusiness in Ghana, attracting government delegations, foreign guests, researchers including university professors, ambassadors, local and international media, chiefs and community leaders, students, investors, and students from various research institutions” he indicated.

He used the opportunity to call on government to protect local investors and organizations in the sector from individuals and organizations who connive to dupe them of the expertise and concepts.

The premise is that without organizational protectionism a nation could lose long-established industries and organizations that first made a product in a particular country.

“If not addressed immediately; this will eventually result in the loss of jobs, rising unemployment, and eventual decrease of a region or nation’s gross domestic product (GDP)” he said.

Original Source: B&FT